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Reynolds Medical Diagnostyka Kardiologiczna sp. z o.o is a private limited company, registered in 2000 to distribute and represent English manufacturer of ambulatory ECG systems (Holter ECG), Reynolds Medical Ltd.  

Following Reynolds Medical acquisition by Ferraris CardioRespiratory (2002) and later on, a merge with other world leading manufacturer of AECG systems - Del Mar Medical, USA (2004), we become an exclusive distributor of Del Mar Reynolds, currently owned by Spacelabs Healthcare Inc, USA, who is also known of its world leading ambulatory blood pressure devices.

In the meantime to above (2003), we have expanded our product range by respiratory diagnostics of nSpire Health (previously owned also by Ferraris Cardiorespiratory under original name ZAN). Currently we deliver complete range of respiratory diagnostic products (spirometry, bod-box, CO diffiuson, cardiopulmonary stress testing) by German manufacturer, Geratherm Respiratory GmbH (subsidiary of Geratherm Medical).

Since 2001 we are also distributing stress test system of Cambridge Heart, Inc (USA) with unique research option of microvolt T-wave alternans. MTWA option is designed to support ICD therapy and to asses risk of sudden cardiac death.

In 2008 we have started cooperation with BMEYE, a Dutch company succesor of TMO, for specialized technology of continious blood pressure measurment (volume clamp by Penaz and Wesseling) and noninvasive haemodynamic assesment (Nexfin device, succesor of Finometer and Portapress). This research equipment is mainly used in cardiology and neurocardiology areas but also stands as a basic technology for tilt testing (product currently discountinued).

Recently we develop also in direction of hipertension diagnostics, completing our ABP line with pulse wave velocity and central pressure by gold standard Complior device (by Alam Medical, France).

Most of our product range is dedicted for medium to high end market segments, in a sense of quality and price. Some of our products are also highly specialized and mostly utilized in a clinical research enviroment. Therefore our customer base among others, are key opinion leaders and leading cardiologists. We have installtions  in many regular to university hospitals, such as the National Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw or the Sielsian Heart Disease Center in Zabrze.

Our company is comitted to give quality of support and to develop product and application knowledge, to be able to keep a pace not only with changing medical market, but also with a research enviroment. If you are looking for distribution of quality medical products, please contact us.

Maciej Warda - President and CEO

+48 22 877 55 44

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tel. +48 22 877 55 44
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